The skills and training development of the teachers is conducted by the Community of Learners, expert on early childhood education whose philosophy was also born from the Ideals of the Focolare Movement.

Challenges:  Curriculum Planning and Faithfulness to it.

  1. Teachers understand well and correctly the Philosophy of Education and live it. As the teacher matures and is able to incarnate the philosophy; what come out are children who love to learn, who love to go to school, and for whom learning becomes a life.
  2. Learn to make a curriculum for the school year
  3. Able to implement these plans day to day with flexibility whenever there is a need to adjust for the good of the child.
  4. Able to do other tasks / jobs outside the classroom such as:
  • Family conferences
  • Parents conferences
  • Home visitations
  • Activities for parents,
  • And others


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