The school provides opportunities for parents and their families’ hands-on learning experience; fruit of the trainings received by the teachers and lived in their community school.

Being community-based, the school cannot go ahead without the growth of the parents/family as parent-teachers.  The following are opportunities to learn hands on.

  1. Parent Education Meeting. Philosophy of Education: Pananaw sa Bata presented with concrete experiences always.  Sometimes, parents requests for topics on: Parent-child relationship or topics on Family life, Maternal and Child Health Care, etc.
  2. Workshops in Math, Language Arts, Science, etc.
  3. Field Trips
  4. Parent conferences: meeting between parent and teachers to discuss comprehensively the child’s progress report every year.
  5. Family conferences: meeting between family and teachers when needed to discuss about how to help the child better.
  6. Exposures of parents to classrooms: learn the activities given to their children and the routines.
  7. Classroom parents’ meeting: to discuss matters about the whole class or plan activities, etc.
  8. Family days, community days: being with their children, giving them time and playing with them or watching their performances.


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