Around 30 young people attended Values For Integration And Effectiveness Workshop with the learning objectives of holistic formation and harmonious growth of the person to become balanced and well-rounded individuals.

By the end of the 3-day workshop, the participants clarified their personal values that align with the values of the spirituality of unity and core values of Bukas Palad Foundation; developed a personal vision for oneself; discussed and tried out practices that enhance personal and collective effectiveness using the rainbow life framework; formulated “back-home” plans to apply significant learnings gained.


Scholars who participated in this formation course were able to discover how to live a complete, balanced, and healthy life. They were able to assess themselves with much honesty and with that, they were able to make realistic and brave resolutions to become better individuals.

The formation course also gave them the chance to re-discover who they are starting with their values and re-think who they want to become. It was a weekend full of learning for them and they repeatedly conveyed how much they enjoyed being in a different environment and being invited to participate in such workshop. They found it also a nice opportunity to get to know more their fellow scholars and be able to work with them in teams when activities had to be done by groups.


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