The Support at a Distance (SAAD) program was born in 1994 when local and international benefactors’, friends of the Focolare Movement sent donations for a specific child’s education and accompanying him/her from elementary school, high school, until he/she succeeds to obtain a Diploma in college or in vocational training courses.  The relationship between BP and the child and his/her family aims to become a reciprocal relationship, in which every member becomes a partner and a collaborator, not just a mere recipient of the service.

Each one is called to collaborate and give his best for the educational, moral, social growth as a complete person, responsible and sensitive to the needs of others, starting from his own family, his city, his country, the world.

To reach this aim, the SAAD program for each child includes not only financial support to pay the school expenses and supplies, but also personal relationship with the child and his family, home and school visitation, monthly formation specific for the child and for his family.  In particular for the SAAD students, the formation aims to kindle in them the environment of sharing, communion, reciprocity.

Formators, both from BP and other organizations, help them to discover their own talents in order to put these at the service of others in need.  They are also encouraged to share their experiences to help one another.  Special guests are also invited as speakers, like young professionals, or other adult expert, in order to inspire them and to offer them a human and social formation.  It is through opening to the others that the person can grow in its identity and uniqueness, like Chiara Lubich says: “Each one has been created as a gift for me, and I have been created to be a gift for the others”.

Here are photos of some of the scholars when they graduated from their respective schools:


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