From Andrew one of the BPCFI SAAD students.

A big family with a big dream to reach, that’s what, I can say to my family. When I was young and free and my imaginations had no limits, I dreamed of a perfect family. Happy all day, can afford every single material that I want and a big house to rest with comfort. But, as I grow older and wiser, I discovered our life would not change if we won’t start it by doing good, working hard, rendering service to others and pray to the Almighty God for each and every blessing that we receive. Having seven siblings is quite tough because you need to understand each other especially when it comes to the things that we have like for example, my younger or older brother has a new shirt or jeans or even shoes, we should not envy him, instead we should be happy for him. I know that we are still human and really envy by nature that’s why it’s hard for me to adjust to the reality until I grew matured and accept the fact that we must learn to be contented of what we have most especially having a complete family. We don’t care about having a big house, wealth, or any expensive material as long as we are happy and together.

It was year 2002, when my life was changed because of Bukas Palad. In my first year in BP, I was so ashamed to talk to anybody and I don’t like being with them because I’m shy and trying to isolate myself for I have this fear of talking to my co- SAAD scholars until I reached high school. But, when I reached college I suddenly realized that my Bukas Palad Family was so amazing and I have also felt the love and care from them. I started to shift my relationship with them from being just a passive scholar who will just listen to their monthly meetings/ word of life meetings to an active SAAD core group member who is motivated and inspired in reaching the concerns of each and every scholar of BP. It’s not really my plan to be part of SAAD core group member since I’m actually focusing on my studies particularly my specialization way back in college but it turned out differently, I forgot when it started but seeing those scholars whose eyes were sparkling looking at us because of what we’ve done to them and that was such an unexplainable experience.

Every experience with my scholars most especially with my core group member is so life- changing and undeniably worth to keep in my whole imperfect life. I’ve experienced difficulties/ challenges in my college years specifically my research and practicum days but with their words of wisdom and enlightenment, I was able to accomplish all the hardships because of their presence. I will not forget my core group family and most especially the Bukas Palad staffs like Ales, Ate Carmen, Ate Ave, Ate Marinova, Ate Rosalie, Ate Irene, Kuya Krugger, Ate Leah and those staffs who believe in me and my capacity. This amazing journey of mine will not also be possible because of my sponsors who are there from the start of my year in BP until I finished my studies. Thank you so much for you had given me an opportunity to know myself and my abilities, to inspire others, to work for others and be part of such wonderful experience in my entire life.

To our Almighty God, Thank you so much for giving me an extended family and for sharing me a love that I will treasure until death. For I believe, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” -Matthew 5:8.

This short letter will serve as a glimpse of my journey with you because my whole priceless memories with you will remain in my heart. This is not yet the end of my communication to all of you but this is just a start of something new for this is an end of a new beginning. God Bless and More Power!


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